Minutes of Clan Scott Scotland Annual General Meeting

Restoration Yard, Dalkeith Estate- 6th May 2017

By courtesy of His Grace the Duke of Buccleuch.


The Deputy Chairman, Scott Lindsay, welcomed all to the meeting.



Members: Mr Bill Scott, Mr Kevin Scott, Mr & Mrs John Scott, Mr & Mrs Scott Lindsay, Mr & Mrs William Scott.

Non-members ; Mr Iain Scott & partner, Mr Derek Stewart.



Mrs Sandra Howat, Mr Crispin Powell, Mr Alan Scott, Mr Roy Scott.


Approval of AGM Minutes of 2016, Dalkeith Palace.

Proposed by Kevin Scott, seconded by John Scott.


Chairman’s Report

In Alan’s absence, his report was read to audience.  A copy is available, but it noted  that there are now more than 100 pages of information on our website, with over 60,000 page views since its inception, averaging around 5,500 page views a month. The Clan Scott trail, Bellendean Cairn and information board projects are still ongoing.


Treasurer’s Report

 Kevin Scott reported that this year’s accounts had been recently audited, at no charge to the group, to the end of March 2017, showing a balance of £1114. We must, again, thank Mr Iain Brodie, our independent examiner, for giving of his accountancy skills so freely and diligently. Again, copy of report is freely available to view, as required. The report proposed by Mr Bill Scott and seconded by Mrs Mary Scott.


Membership Report

John Scott reported that the membership now stands at 79, again a further increase from last year. With more new members coming steadily along, he feels in growth is due to our web pages, and the advert insertion in History of Scotland magazine in March 2017. There were 12 non-renewed members. Derek Stewart here suggested that we contact both Highlander (US) and Australian Banner magazines, in an effort to increase our overseas membership. Facebook, Project Hawick and advertising in newspapers/journals were discussed at this point also. Kevin reported that he is currently exploring best rates and circulation figures, at present and will report back to group. The report was proposed by Kevin Scott and seconded by Scott Lindsay.


Genealogy Report

Again, all were delighted that Bill could attend the meeting, given his personal health problems this last year. He gave us an update on the 3 levels that enquirers access him ie. emails via Alan, membership enquiries via John and Facebook, which he currently looks after. We had a discussion around Scotland’s People website, genealogy articles on our own website and Chris Hoy’s Dalkeith teapot story- one of Bill’s favourite narrations! No written report was submitted.


Secretary’s Report

With Roy’s recent resignation from the group, his submitted report was read out by Scott Lindsay, in his absence. Roy’s frustrations, in not having had responses from various parties connected with matters he had been pursuing, was evident and sympathised upon. Branxholme Castle, Border Clans, Sir Walter Scott celebrations in 2021 were all noted, and mention must be made here, by our group, for Roy’s willingness to host our executive meetings, free of charge, at his bank’s premises in Glasgow. The report, again freely available, was proposed by Kevin Scott and seconded by Bill Scott.


Executive Committee Restructure

Roy Scott- Secretary. and  Scott Lindsay- Deputy Chairman had resigned

Chairman- Alan Scott. Re-elected. Proposed by Kevin Scott, seconded by John Scott.

Deputy Chairman- Kevin Scott. Proposed by Scott Lindsay, seconded John Scott.

Secretary - Kevin Scott. Proposed by Scott Lindsay, seconded by Bill Scott.

Membership Secretary. John Scott. Re-elected. Proposed by Kevin Scott, seconded by Bill Scott.

Treasurer. Kevin Scott. Re-elected. Proposed by Bill Scott, seconded by John Scott.


New positions;

Volker Skottki. Specialist Adviser (Europe).Proposed by Kevin Scott, seconded by John Scott.

Derek Stewart. Specialist Adviser and Honorary Member. Proposed by Kevin Scott, seconded by John Scott.

Fraser Scott.  Specialist Adviser (Social Media).Proposed Bill Scott, seconded by John Scott.


Any  Other Business

1 Derek Stewart advised on Abbotsford Development officer still being Tanya Murray, and Julia Plunkett, re things Abbotsford. Kevin advised that he would resume contact with, and mend bridges as required.


2 Iain Scott suggested applying for group funding, re their (Scocha’s) work with the William Ogilvie Trust. Suggestion for Alan to look up Paypal status for us as a charity, so as to realise less commission paid.


3 It was unanimously  agreed that we ask both Roy Scott and Scott Lindsay to remain  on the Executive committee, as specialist advisers - Scott Lindsay was pleased to accept.


4 Splash of Tartan/Edinburgh Tattoo participation was discussed. Apparently the Elliots are attending, but correspondence amongst ourselves/Bowhill is required as to just what is visualised. More to be done, asap, to clarify situation, as John already fielding a member’s enquiry.


5 Lindsay Scott congratulated Kevin Scott on a wide range of interesting and informative articles written over the last year. Thanks were gratefully received.


6 Kevin advised on his future attending an unveiling of a monument at The Haining in Selkirk, on June 4th, to commemorate the Dandie Dinmont connection with Sir Walter Scott. With an international gathering.  Kevin has already arranged to meet with some of our Swedish members of Clan Scott Scotland. Report of this, with photographs, to follow this event.


Date of next A.G.M.

First Saturday in May, most probably the 5th 2018.



The afternoon’s meeting was brought to a great conclusion by a rousing rendition of A Bellendaine, a recent recording By Scocha on their newest CD ‘Moonlight Again’, which followed lead singer, Iain Scott’s, amusing talk on family history and pride in his, and our, hallowed Scott name. We all thanked Iain, and his partner Leslie,for their attendance and matters being concluded, hospitality was settled up by Clan Scotland, much to the gratitude of those present.


Restoration Yard, Dalkeith Estate