Battles Involving Clan Scott


February  27th - Battle Ancrum Moor,  1545.  


April -  13th 1596- rescue of Kinmont Willie from Carlisle Castle.


April -  16th Culloden 1746


May -  1st- Battle of Arkinholm (Langholm)


May - 28th - Battle season preview Blackness Castle.


June -  11th Battle of Sauchieburn 1488


24th- June - Bannockburn 1314


July 7th- Battle of Redeswire,1575


July 19th-Battle of Halidon Hill 1333


July 25th- Battle of Melrose


August  5th-Battle of Otterburn,1388


August 16th-Skirmish of Highbridge


September  9th- Flodden-. Flodden 1513


September 10th-Battle of Pinkie 1547


September 13th - Battle of Philiphaugh 1645


September 14th-Battle Homildon Hill 1402


September 17th/18th-Battle of Dunbar 1650


October 17th - Battle of Durham/Neville’s Cross1346


October 20th-Scotts in Holland


November 13th Sclaterford 1513


November 24th- Battle of Solway Moss 1542


November 27th-Battle of Rullion Green 1666


December 7th-Battle of Dryfe Sands 1593

The list below gives the battles in Scotland and England in which Clan Scott were involved. As a clan located on the Border between Scotland and England, that means that the Scotts were involved in most battles on Scottish soil!


Initially, this page will just list the dates and locations of the historic battles involving members of the Scott clan. But the aim is to link from here to individual pages describing the conflicts. Where such additional pages have been created, the links are highlighted in blue.

Battle of Bannockburn, 24 June 1314


King Robert the Bruce at Bannockburn