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Branxholme Castle Development Project

In recent times Clan Scott Scotland has been much involved with the idea of bringing this ancient building into a modern use of significance beyond Clan Scott. The castle was visited as part of the Homecoming organised by the staff at Bowhill under the patronage and direction of His Grace the Duke of Buccleuch. When we arrived on site we were challenged by a group of defenders of the Castle complete with pikes swords and blunderbusses. Failure to recognise the rallying cry Bellendaine resulted in instant execution by the defenders of Clan Scott rights and privileges.

branxholme_castle27a Scott gathering 2014 087

Following a brief discourse on the Castle we had a demonstration of the firing of one of the ancient gun pieces. We did not enter the building but noted that until fairly recent times a family had rented one wing and we were assured that the inside of the building was sound and potentially able to be re- occupied by residents.

The building sits on a slight rise which gives commanding views across the river lying on the south side of the keep. The oldest part of the building is in the form of a “Peel Tower“. This part of the edifice along with the gate posts are, in local government terms, “A listed”. To those unfamiliar with this terminology the implication is that any alteration of the structure would require permission by the government and every effort has to be made to preserve this ancient structure in its original form. It would be illegal to attempt to bring about any change


The Castle incidentally sits beside the major road the A7 leading from Hawick to England.





Roy  Scott  Secretary  Clan  Scott  Scotland.