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Clan Scott Scotland aims to bring together all those who have a sense of belonging to this great clan / family which, for many centuries, has been associated mainly with the Borders area of Scotland - although Scotts are now found all over Scotland, the UK - and the world!  The society has been encouraged to do so by the Duke of Buccleuch, the chief of the clan.

Clan Scott Scotland


The Web site has been developed by the voluntary efforts of all the Executive Committee. They are also working on creating a memorial cairn in Scott lands south west of Hawick. Also underway is the creation of a "Scott Clan Trail" which will highlight all the locations in Scotland that have a Scott connection.

"A Bellendaine" was the Scott clan rallying cry in the stormy days of the Border Reivers while "There will be moonlight again" was another rallying call from those days.

We also participate at major clan gatherings in Scotland such as the ones which took place in Edinburgh (in 2009 ) and Bannockburn (in 2014).

We also promote and foster kinship and friendship amongst all Scotts and related families. We plan to collect and preserve the history and traditions of the Scott Clan and its Septs and increase knowledge and awareness of Scott Clan history. Additionally, we hope to establish a Scott Clan Room for the exhibition of items of interest to members and visitors and highlight the many locations within Scotland that have connections with the Scott clan by creating a "Scott Clan Heritage Trail".

If your surname - or that of  one of your ancestors - is Scott or related septs (families that followed another family's chief) with the surnames of Buccleuch, Balwearie, Geddes, Laidlaw or Langlands come and join us - it's your family as well as ours! #

Aims and Objectives of Clan Scott Scotland

This Web Site


We aim to  collect, distribute, and publish information about all aspects of the Scott family particularly through this ever-expanding Web site and research the history of the Scotts from historic times to the present day. The Web site already has a lot of information pages and graphics and will be expanded in the coming months and years with more photos, histories and many other features. The index tabs at the top of each page have drop-down menus to allow you to access all the sub pages. Pages are being added constantly by enthusiastic Scotts who between them have amassed a wealth of knowledge and material which they are keen to pass on!


Even if your family tree doesn't include a Scott in it, you will find lots of interest in this Web site covering many aspects of Scotland, the Scottish Borders, its history and culture.

Clan Scott Scotland Projects




The name "Scot" became the name of the entire country - Scotland - but as there were few written records at that time, Scotts trace their ancestry back to around 1400 when they had land near Peebles - before gravitating further into the Border area near Selkirk, establishing a castle or manor house at Buccleuch. One of those early Scotts moved to Fife where he settled down and established the "Scotts of Balwearie". Of course, a Scott known to folk around the world is Sir Walter Scott the novelist who not only invented the historical novel, but changed the way that all Scots saw themselves.  We anticipate that there will be a major celebration of the 250th anniversary of the birth of  Sir Walter Scott in 2021.


Although at Clan Scott Scotland, we do not do individual family tree research on behalf of Members, we have knowledge that can point members in the right direction and provide background information to assist in your own researches.


In addition to articles on Scott genealogy and links to web pages on Scottish genealogy,  we have local knowledge and members who know the Scottish Borders and other parts of Scotland intimately. They may even turn out to be distant relatives!

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The Clan Scott Scotland society aims to attract members from all parts of the world and become a focal point for all members of the Clan as well as interested visitors who wish to learn more about the contribution made by Scotts over the centuries. Being located in Scotland itself means that we are closer to many resources and can illustrate our pages and information with lots of appropriate graphics. All Members can contribute to the development of Clan Scott Scotland and have the right to vote on the important decisions of the society at the Annual General Meeting.


Regular newsletters and information sheets alert members to what has been recently added to this Web site. Membership is open to all those who have the surname Scott (or Buccleuch, Balwearie, Geddes, Laidlaw and Langlands) or have an ancestor with one of those surnames. We welcome members who are interested in their Scott heritage. Our annual membership cost is modest and in addition to all the pages available to all, there is a special password controlled "Members' Section".

 In the last three years our expenditure has been: Web site hosting 54%, Postage and stationery 23% and New Members Welcome Members can also contribute to this Web site and our genealogist is always glad to look over the results of Members' family tree researches.

To join Clan Scott Scotland see the Membership Page


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