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Clan Scott


Origins of Scotts of Buccleuch and Harden and the Dukes of Buccleuch, names and titles since the 17th Century.

The legend of how the chief of the Scott clan was initially named "Buccleuch".

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Bellendean (with various spellings) lay to the north west of Hawick and became the gathering point for the Scotts when they had to defend their territory against raiders and/or English invaders. As a result, the war cry "A Bellendaine" became established in the annals of the clan.

The blaeberry (a Scot's form of bilberry) was most commonly growing on high moorlands and, after heather, is the most common plant, its fruit being a delicious black berry. The Scott's adoption of it as their plant badge could have arisen from its prevalence on the Ettrick Forest moorland.

Richard Walter John Montagu Douglas Scott, 10th Duke of Buccleuch and 12th Duke of Queensberry KBE, DL (born 14 February 1954) is the Duke of Buccleuch and Queensberry, as well as Chief of Clan Scott.

From the 1st Lord Scott, Walter Scott, (born around 1606, d.1611) through 1st Earl of Buccleuch, Walter Scott, (born before 1606, died. 1633) through 1st Duke & Duchess of Buccleuch, James and Anne Scott to 10th Duke of Buccleuch, Richard Walter John Montagu Douglas Scott, born 1954,

The Scott family built a castle or manor house on ground at the junction of the Rankil and Buccleuch Burn. The foundation walls of a castle were discovered when the farm-house of East Buccleuch was built in 1832, using stones from the old ruined castle in its construction.

It was often necessary for landowners to quickly assemble as many of their fighting men as possible. The Scott land at Bellendean proved to be suitable for this purpose and became a regular rallying point. So much so that the traditional "war cry" of the Scott family became "A Bellendaine!" or  "To Bellendean!"

In 1420 half of the lands at Branxholme were exchanged between Robert Scott, Lord of Murthockston and the Inglises for Murthockston in Lanarkshire. In 1446 the other half of the estate was granted to Sir Walter Scott and his son Sir David and Branxholme castle rather than Buccleuch castle became the Scott home for over 400 years.

Illustrations of sixteen different Scott Tartans

The role of Colour Sgt Donald Scott in the story of the famous Edinburgh dog, Greyfriars' Bobby

Review of  CD "Moonlight Again" performed by Scottish Borders Folk Group "Scocha" recorded and produced by a Member of Clan Scott Scotland. You can download "Auld Lang Syne", a track from the CD as well as buy the whole CD from this page.

A list of battles in Scotland and England in which Clan Scott were involved. As a clan located on the Border between Scotland and England, that means that the Scotts were involved in most battles on Scottish soil! Initially, this page will just list the dates and locations of the historic battles involving members of the Scott clan. But the aim is to link from here to individual pages describing each conflict.

Miscellanous subjects connected with aspects of Clan Scott and Scotts

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