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Chairman                         Roy Scott


Deputy Chairman               Kevin Scott


Secretary                           Kevin Scott


 Treasurer                        Mary Scott


                                        Membership Secretary             John Scott


Genealogist                       Bill Scott

Under our constitution The Chairman and Deputy Chairman of Clan Scott Scotland Executive Committee are elected for a period of three years and may be eligible for re-election. All other Committee Members are elected annually.


Clan Scott Scotland Executive Committee

All members of the Executive can be contacted via the Clan Scott Scotland Gmail address


If you are e-mailing a specific person, please add their role to the subject line to ensure speedier fowarding to the designated individual.


Bowhill House, Home of the Duke of Buccleuch

Where Annual General Meetings are sometimes held

Additional Roles and Special Advisers



Special Adviser (Europe) - Volker Skottki.


Special Adviser (Social Media) - Fraser Scott.


Special Adviser (Honorary Member/ Bold Buccleuch re-enactment) - Derek Stewart.


Special Adviser (Technology) - Alan Scott


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