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5th Duke of Buccleuch, 7th Duke of Queensberry

Statue in Parliament Square, Edinburgh

Part 2

The main introduction to these graphics of a statue of the 5th Duke of Buccleuch, 7th Duke of Queensberry is on the previous page


This second tier has six reliefs of scenes from the Duke's life by Thomas Stuart Burnett, and allegorical figures at the corners.


Pictures of the bronze reliefs on the second tier, with explanatory notes, are shown below.



(2) The Duke receiving Queen Victoria at Dalkeith on the occasion of her first visit to Scotland in 1842 (W)


(3) The Duke planning  Granton Harbour (SW)

buccleuch5_edin_anniversary_dinner_tenantry of Duk

(4) Anniversary dinner given by the tenantry of the Duke in Edinburgh in 1878 (SE);


(5) the installation of the Duke as Chancellor of Glasgow University (E);


(6) the Duke as a colonel of militia at the head of his regiment (NE).


(7) the coat of arms of the Duke of Buccleuch on a garter plate (NW)

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