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Balwearie - a Clan Scott Sept


The surname Balwaerie / Balweary is listed in Dr George F Black's "Surnames of Scotland" as being from the lands of Balweary near Kirkcaldy in Fife. Early records show Richard de Balweari witnessed a quitclaim to the lands of Drumkarauch in 1260 and Ricardus de Balwery, miles, witnesseda charterin the reighn of Alexander III.


In more recent times the surname "Balwearie" is rarely found and the name is more frequently recorded as the "Scotts of Balwearie" after the marriage to the heiress of that estate between 1260 and 1280.


The Scotts of Balwearie at one time had a castle but only the ruins of Balwearie Castle (also known as Killernie Castle) survive (see graphic above). The graphic below by John Patrick was taken in 1867)  The castle was originally a 15th century keep and there are traces of a courtyard. The property has been owned by the Scotts since the 13th century. The present ruin dates from 1463and may have been the home of Micheal Scott who was born in the Borders and became known as "Michael Scott the Wizard" because of his "supernatural" powers. The Scotts of Balwearie held the property until the end of the 17th century when it passed to the Earl of Melville.

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