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Clan Scott

Perhaps the most outstanding, and numerous, of the great Scottish Border Families was that of Scott.


Uchtred, son of Scot, lived in the first half of the 12th century, and from his two sons the numerous Scott branches began. The Scotts of BUCCLEUCH, whose Dukedom dates from 1673, ended in Anne, who married James, Duke of Monmouth, natural son of Charles II, who was beheaded for rebelling against his uncle, James II. From this marriage comes the line of the later Dukes of Buccleuch and Queensberry.


From the line of Harden originating in the 14th century, sprang one of Scotland's greatest men: Sir Walter Scott of Abbotsford.


Like their neighbours, the Scotts were turbulent, cunning, courageous and filled with energy. The gathering place of the Families in time of war was Bellendean, on Borthwick Water. When the fierce cry of 'A Bellendaine!' was heard on the Border, men knew that the Scotts were 'out'.


In the 17th century, however, the Scotts of Buccleuch became part of the Scottish and UK aristocracy - the list below shows their names, titles and wives (marriage became a more important tactic to expand land holding and titles than conquest!)


1stJames - Monmouth & Buccleuch                               1649-1685        Anne Scott

2nd     Francis - Buccleuch                                               1694-1751        Jane Douglas

3rd     Henry - Buccleuch & 5th Queensberry               1746-1812        Elizabeth Montagu

4th     Charles - Buccleuch & 6th Queensberry                    1772-1819        Harriet Townsend

5th     Walter Francis - Buccleuch & 7th Queensberry       1806-1884       Charlotte Anne Thyne

6th     William - Buccleuch & 8th Queensberry               1831-1914       Louisa Hamilton

7th     John - Buccleuch & 9th Queensberry                       1864-1935       Margaret Bridgeman

8th      Walter - Buccleuch & 10th Queensberry                 1894-1973      Mary Lascelles

9th     Walter Francis John - Buccleuch & 11th Queensberry 1923-2007      Jane McNeill

10th    Richard - Buccleuch & 12th Queensberry                 1954-        Elizabeth Kerr

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