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Historians of the Scottish capital have now launched a new Greyfriars Bobby "heritage trail" in which the Royal Engineer features heavily. The route also includes Sgt Scott's former home at 28 Candlemaker’s Row, which today is a coffee shop.

The One o'clock Gun Association are trying to separate myth from reality in the legend of Edinburgh's favourite dog.

The secretary of the association, Stan Player, said, “Greyfriars Bobby is a beautiful story and we don’t want to spoil it.”

"There are facts, but the story has got all tangled up over the years.

"We want to recognise the people who actually, dealt with the dog, so tourists and schoolchildren can follow the heritage trail and see things they can relate to.

"We're trying to find out as much as we can. If we can authenticate people we know were involved with Greyfriars Bobby, the story has more credence."  


Donald MacNab Scott was born in 1817 in Perth and was attached to the 14th Company Royal Engineers for a time before leaving the army in 1866. Sgt Scott was discharged from the Army in 1866 and died in the Royal Infirmary following an accident at his new home at 4 East Adam Street.

Despite his generosity, Sgt Scott has been the forgotten man of the Bobby's tale, as for the 103 years since his death the location of his body has been a mystery.

But now local historians have discovered that Sgt Scott lay in an unmarked grave in Piershill Cemetery, and have set about trying to recognise the role that the Edinburgh Castle soldier played in the remarkable tale of the Capital's most famous dog.

A headstone has now been made by a local company free of charge and is place on his grave.


EXPERTS ON the Greyfriars Bobby legend claim they have uncovered the truth behind the dog's best friend. They believe they have found evidence that a former Edinburgh Castle soldier, who taught Bobby to go everyday to a city restaurant for food, is the forgotten hero in the tale.

Colour Sergeant Donald MacNab Scott, who has until now been ignored in the story, is said to have trained the loyal Skye terrier to leave Greyfriars Kirkyard and go to Traill's restaurant on Candlemaker's Row for his lunch when the daily One o'clock Gun sounded. 

Colour Sergeant Donald McNab Scott

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