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Graphics of Clan Scott Scotland Members

Some of our Members who have been in contact with the Executive Committee, have kindly supplied photos of themselves and have agreed to have these included in this section. They show the diverse nature of our membership and confirm that we Scotts can be found not just in Scotland but in all corners of the globe.

Debby Sue2

This is Volker Skotti from Bremerhaven in Germany with his wife Monica and their two daughters, Jacqueline and Marleen, both of whom are keen ice skaters. Marleen's dress is green and with Tartan Scott modern and when she ice skates in competitions her music is Scottish too.


The wording on Volker's shirt reads "You can take the boy out of Scotland but you can't take Scotland out of the boy". Volker is enthusiastic about his Scottish heritage and has been to visit Scotland to see many of the Scott-related locations here.


Scottish merchants and soldiers went to Poland, Germany, Russia and the Baltic States particularly between 1550-1850 and a number of them put down roots there and they have left a lasting legacy in these areas.

Debby Sue is from Alaska, and she is very keen on history and also writes in Gaelic - which is something that more than 98% of us living in Scotland can't do!


This is Alan Scott, the current chairman of Clan Scott Scotland. He has a particular interest in the genealogy of the Scotts who lived in Fife - his family tree goes back to the Scotts in Ceres in Fife in the 17th century. He worked for 40 years in the banking industry in Scotland, mainly on the technology area and began his own Web site over 20 years ago.


If you are wondering about that tartan tie - it's not one of the many Scott tartans but an Italian tartan... He often wears it when meeting friends in Edinburgh for lunch in an Italian restaurant!

Roy Scott Holyrood 112

Roy Scott is a Glasgow  University  Medical Graduate, Roy became Hon Senior Clinical Lecturer Glasgow University;  Hon Lecturer  at Strathclyde; Hon Presidential  Lecturer  South  Central  Section  American  Urological  Society; Hon Presidential   Lecturer  Egyptian   Urological  Society. Author and  co-author of several Urological  text  books.   His M D Thesis was concerned with Cadmium effects as a cause of stones and  resulted  in  an industrial   process  being  stopped  nationally  and  internationally.


Deputy Lord Lieutenant  Dunbartonshire;  Honorary Sheriff  South Lanarkshire,  Dumfries and  Galloway;   Chairman   Cumbernauld   and  Kilsyth  Justices  of the  Peace;  first Chairman  North Lanarkshire  Justices ;  Founder member  District  Courts  Association ;  co- author revised  Justices  of the  Peace  manual  for  Scottish District  Courts.


Ex Deacon Convener   Trades  House  of Glasgow;   Author of  History  of the  Trades House  of  Glasgow ;  Hon  Member   the  Millennium  and also  New  millennium Masters   Livery  Clubs  of London.


Member  Order  of  the  Grand  Bailiewick of the Military and  Hospitaller Order of St Lazarus Scotland ;  formerly  Hospitaller  and  Chancellor   of  the Order; Grand Baillie  of the Order in  Scotland. One  of  two Knight  Gold  Cross recipients in  Scotland


He has travelled to all  7  continents  including  Antarctica.


It  was  when  Kevin Scott  and  Roy  met  at  Bowhill that they agreed to revive Clan Scott Scotland. Roy was the Secretary of Clan Scott Scotland and is continuing to contribute to the efforts of the Executive Committee as a Special Adviser.

Wendy Scott



Wendy Scott from New Zealand has worked in  a variety of different laboratories in NZ and Australia but after signing up for a course on Novel Writing she became focused on writing books for children and fantasy novels which have won awards. She has moved back from Australia to New Zealand where she and her husband have built a solar-powered house on the West Coast. See her Web site at


She has also encouraged her step mother to write a novel - a historical novel based on historical  fact about Charleston in West Coast NZ. For more on "Web of Gold" see Web of Gold


Wendy is also hoping to spend more time researching the family tree of her Scottish ancestors.

Bill Scott BP News

Bill Scott has never been one who lets the heather grow under his feet! A proud Scot who saw active service with the Royal Engineers in Palestine and then worked in Nigeria. He then joined the oil industry working for a number of major oil companies. Later he a manager at the Bishopbriggs Oil Terminal, north of Glasgow. On retiring early in 1985 he then became involved for 9 years as an agent for Scottish memorabilia, with customers around the world Soon after his second retiral from that career, he volunteered to drive an ambulance for "Age Concern" to transport elderly folk on outings or t hospital treatment. Some of his customers were younger than he was! That had to finish when he reached 75 and that left him time to research his family tree via the Internet. Bill's family tree now has over 31,000 names on it.


Little wonder then that Bill role on the Clan Scott Scotland Executive Committee, is responsiblity for all aspects of genealogy!


Here's another great picture of talented skater Marleen Skotti who has twice taken first place (Gold) in a skating competition at the local ice rink in Bremerhaven, Germany.

Sir WS, Giles Ingram CEO Abbotsford Trust and Kevin Scott Clan Scott Scotland2

The graphic above shows a Sir Walter Scott look-alike, Giles Ingram CEO Abbotsford Trust and Kevin Scott Clan Scott Scotland when Kevin presented a cheque to Abbotsford to help in the restoration of a sandstone clock which was once owned by Sir Walter at Abbotsford.


Kevin was born in Hawick, Scottish Borders in 1962. His grandfather played for the Hawick Rugby Club - the 'Greens' and his father turned out for Kelso RFC. His family  moved to West of Scotland in 1970's but he returned to live and work in The Borders from time to time. He has relations in Peebles, Kelso, Hawick, Berwick, Swinton, and Coldstream.


Since leaving Hutchesons' Grammar School in 1981, he has had many sales careers, including grocery (Bryant & May, Tennents), sports (Rangers FC, Gala, Selkirk & Melrose RFC),  advertising( first revolving boards in Scottish Football and first post padding advertising in Scottish Rugby) and medical (Abbott Labs., Nutricia, Danone).  


Never having taken a Higher in history at school, he has more than made up for lost time by forming the Clan Scott Society (UK) in 1997 running this for 3 years single handed, before latterly reforming it 4 years ago with one of his ex Urology Consultant customers - Roy Scott!


As Treasurer and main article writer for Clan Scott Scotland and now also as Secretary and Deputy Chairman, his drive and enthusiasm for this group knows no bounds. Last year he penned about 60+ articles as well as our quarterly Bellendean Bugle editions sent to Members.


He sees the future as very bright for our Clan Scott Scotland, and all who choose to celebrate the name Scott, or just simply browse amongst the many excellent pages we now have on our website about all things "Scott". Even son Fraser, this year, is helping out with both our Instagram and Facebook pages.

Derek Stewart Reiver1s

Derek Stewart (that's him at the front under a number of other participants) is an assistant at Forest School in the Scottish Borders. He is also an enthusiastic member of the Border Clansmen re-enactment group. He says that the great thing about re-enactment is that you can be just about anyone you want to be.  He was recently at a gathering in Grolle in Holland with about 40 other groups recreating a battle in which Scottish mercenaries participated and one of the German groups there acted as Scottish soldiers. Walter Scott, the 1st Earl of Buccleuch (son of the ‘Bold Buccleuch’) led a company of one hundred Borderers to the Netherlands in 1627 to take part in the ‘Eighty Years War’.

Derek is now a Special Adviser to Clan Scott Scotland - the other Executive Committee Members have undertaken not to treat Derek as roughly as in this graphic...


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