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5th Duke of Buccleuch, 7th Duke of Queensberry Statue

Parliament Square Edinburgh

Part 1

In March 1885 the Town Council of Edinburgh received a letter from Lord Balfour of Burleigh, Secretary to the Buccleuch Testimonial committee, requesting a site in Parliament Square for a proposed memorial to the 5th Duke of Buccleuch, 7th Duke of Queensberry (1806-1884). This was granted and designs were approved in October 1885 by the Town Council.

In April 1887, the builder reported that the statue of the Duke had been completed, and that the bronze reliefs entrusted to Clark Stanton, Thomas Stuart Burnett and the Stevensons were nearly completed. It was proposed to proceed with the erection of the monument in June 1887, and it was expected to be finished within five or six weeks


But in October 1 that year the builder reported that he had been informed that 'an unfortunate hitch' had occurred - there was not sufficient standing room for the statue on top of the pedestal! Bronze cresting which surrounded the top of the pedestal was removed  and on 7 February 1888 the memorial was unveiled by the Earl of Stair. The Town Council of Edinburgh assumed care and custody of it.


The Duke is wearing the robes of the Order of the Garter and the top gallery has huntsmen chasing a stag.


Pictures of the bronze reliefs with explanatory notes are shown below and on the second page (reliefs of scenes from the Duke's life, and allegorical figures at the corners) of this sub-section of the photo gallery


The third tier (the lowest level) has larger bronze reliefs of episodes in the Scott family history, and rampant stags holding shields at the corners. These are illustrated in the graphics below


Death of Sir Walter Scott, fourth Lord of Rankilburn and Murthockston, at the Battle of Homildon Hill in Northumberland in 1402

Burning of Catslack Tower in Yarrow by the English in 1548, when Lady Buccleuch (Elizabeth Kerr of Cessford) and her household perished


Attempted rescue by Sir Walter Scott of Buccleuch and Branxholm (c.1490-1552) of James V from the thraldom of the Earl of Angus in 1526


Burning of Branxholm by the English during a raid in 1532.


Rising of the Scotts under the Warden Buccleuch, to recover the spoil taken in an English raid


Interview between Sir Walter, first Lord Scott of Buccleuch (1565-1611) and Queen Elizabeth I, when Buccleuch went to London to appease Elizabeth for the rescue of Kinmont Willie (William Armstrong) from Carlisle Castle in 1596.

Bronze reliefs show scenes from the life of the 5th Duke of Buccleuch.

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